Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

For instance…  THIS Thanksgiving (Happy Thanksgiving by the way), you are NOT going to eat as much and give yourself that uncomfortable feeling for the night that you do every other year.  Unfortunately, you get to watching the football games, maybe turn on a basketball game, you continue to eat the snacks that are put out before dinner, then dinner is served and you don’t want to feel like a bad guest, so you fill your plate and eat a great dinner.  Then, right after dinner you find yourself lounging in the Lazy-Boy chair moaning and groaning…

Sound familiar?  Has your company continued to try the same things that have gotten you to the point you are at as a company – only this time, for some reason, it will work better!!

How frustrating is it for you to continue to develop business or product or marketing plans for a specific product or company only to see the company fall back into the same trap that has gotten it to where you are now?

Sometimes the best thing for a company to do is get someone from the outside to look objectively at your business and pay them to tell you the truth from how things look from the outside.  Sometimes people are too worried about their job, don’t like conflict, not good at communicating, etc.  Whatever the reason, sometimes the best thing for your company is to hear the truth from someone who is not attached to your business.