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Its the age-old question.. Are you better off doing a few things REALLY GOOD or doing many things SO-SO?

Depends on your company. Small to Mid-Sized companies should definitely focus more on a few things, find their market niche and define clearly the problems they solve, and do it better than anyone else. You are small and nimble and can keep ahead of your bigger competitors by focusing on a few things. (Big companies do not move quick) As a small-mid sized company, the more markets you try and attack, the more “un-focused” your development, sales, marketing, etc. efforts will become.

Larger companies can get away with branching out and touching a lot of different markets. They have the resources and can gamble a little more.

So, depending on the size of your company, you will probably do yourself a world of good if you focus your efforts on a few things and doing them really well.


Whether it is a podcast, a simple blog, a Twitter site or whatever the mechanism you choose – social media is relatively inexpensive for your business to get going and maintain and you should definitely look at making an investment in it.

Like anything else though, social media will only be as good for your business as the effort you put behind it. White papers, press releases, content, etc. – the more you can put up on the social media site, the more probability that you will get hits to the site when folks do a search.

Even something simple as creating a blog up on the WordPress site – you should take advantage of as many social media outlets for your business as you can.