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As we near the end of the calendar year, many companies are starting to make projections and plans for the coming year around revenue, product roadmaps, etc.

One of the things that typically goes by the wayside, believe it or not, with many companies is setting corporate goals for all of the departments within the company to drive towards. I once worked with a Fortune 500 Software company – and at the beginning of each Fiscal Year, the CEO would send an email out to the entire company letting everyone know the corporate goals for that year. There was no doubt amongst the thousands of employees within the company what was important in the coming year and where they should be spending their time.

This might seem like something that is a no brainer, but you would be surprised to find out how few companies actually do this exercise of setting goals and driving the goals down through their organization.

The corporate goals should drive each departments goals which in turn should drive each employees goals/MBO’s within that department. Amazing how simple this sounds – but ask your employees next time you get the chance and see if they know what the company’s goals/drivers are for the coming year.

The best run companies at the end of the day, usually have an organization that is all pointed in the same direction that is focused on meeting the same goals. This little bit of planning at the beginning of the year can pay huge dividends for your company and keeping everyone focused on the main goal of meeting your revenue objectives – or whatever they might be.