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I once took a job with a company, decent size company of about 150 people or so, worldwide and about $35M in revenues. I was brought in to bring the Product Marketing role into the company.

First thing I asked the folks within the Marketing and Sales organizations is how they launched a product. Internally, they told me that they sent an email out to the company with the press release announcing the product attached. (That was it) Externally, they told me that they put a press release out on the business wire.

Most companies don’t realize how important it is to conduct a proper product launch. Having a launch plan with proper tasks assigned to various groups within the company, having launch meetings with members of that team from the majority of departments within the company, etc.

A product launch process is like a bow and arrow. You pull the bow back as far as it will go preparing to release it. The act of pulling that bow back is all the work that must be done pre-launch to prepare for the actual launch of the product. The act of releasing the bow is GA of your product.

One of the most important things any organization can do is learn how to properly launch products to maximize their exposure not only externally to the market, but also internally as well so all depts know about the launch and what it means for them.